Posted by: fullofhazard | January 28, 2008

Wise Words about Love

Wise Words about love.,

#That wich annoy your heart, don’t do it for the others.#

#Start your love with stead ness so that it can go on well.#

#The Animal only in one season can enjoy the happiness of love but the man can enjoy the happiness of love for all time until he become old.#

#For the men, to accept is same to give, for woman to accept is same to find.#

#Love will creep where water can not pass.#

#Love and war do not follow the ordinat rules of life.#

#Love is what make meeting and love also make parting.#

#Loce which begun with high soul flame, often would end with cold and frozen.#

#Love is a wheel that crush everyone who follow his movement, but without love’s crush we can not feel how beautiful of this life.#

#Love make the weak man become strong and the strong man become weak.#

#Love is a curious thing, when we catch tight it would die, but if we catch it not so tight it would run away.#

#Loves makes file man become prodigal, the timit man become defying death for his love.#

#Love is beauty but not every beauty have love.#

#Suspicious is the wall between love and hate.#
#The true love suddenly broken, not only but like the old man who has lost the stick.#


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